A block is a pulley or a system of pulleys mounted on a single frame. It’s used to change the direction of a pulling force and can be part of a hoist or crane system.

CA hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering loads vertically. It typically consists of a drum or lift-wheel around which a chain or rope is wound.

Hoists use a motorized or manual mechanism to lift or lower a load. The load is attached to a hook or other lifting attachment connected to the hoist’s lifting mechanism.

Common types include electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, manual chain hoists, and air hoists. The choice depends on the application and load capacity requirements.

A trolley is a wheeled mechanism that travels along a beam or track. It’s used to move a hoist horizontally, extending the coverage area of the lifting equipment.

Trolleys can be manual or motorized. Manual trolleys are pushed or pulled along the beam, while motorized trolleys use a power source for movement.

Follow proper lifting procedures, adhere to load capacity limits, conduct regular inspections, and ensure that operators are trained in safe operation

Consider the load capacity, lifting height, speed requirements, environmental conditions, and safety features when selecting hoists, trolleys, or blocks.

Yes, hoists and trolleys are often used in conjunction. Trolleys enable horizontal movement, while hoists handle vertical lifting, providing versatile material handling solutions.

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